• About Me

    My name is Richard Smart and I am a learner, educator and leader who lives a life dominated by the communities of Oakland Mills and Long Reach in Columbia Maryland. I am fortunate to serve as a high school leadership intern, and summer school administrator for the HCPSS, and as a faculty associate for JHU …

  • My Strengths

    This year I’m looking forward to seeing how strengths-based-leadership can transform Long Reach, Summer School and even my family life!

  • Long Reach Beginnings

    In August 2015 I joined the Long Reach family as a Leadership Intern.  My new community is welcoming, dynamic and receptive to continuous improvement.  My goals for my first year are to support the principal, leadership and faculty in our school improvement efforts.

  • Data Driven Decision Making

    Since the Fall of 2008 I have served as the co-instructor and instructor for a Data Driven Decision Making class as part of the graduate program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.  The information below should give you a flavor of the class: The increasing impact of a knowledge economy and globalization has …