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I began working with HCPSS Comprehensive Summer School in 2006 as their World History instructor.  Two summer’s later I was hired as one of the assistant principals and I have served in that role ever since developing our hiring and personnel branches as well as working as a building administrator.  You can find out more information on the program below:

Comprehensive Summer School Description

The Howard County Public School System’s Comprehensive Summer School Program offers programs for acceleration and enrichment to students in elementary, middle and high school. The elementary and middle school programs provide education opportunities for students requiring extended academic support, while elective classes offer students relative and innovative learning experiences.

Students may enroll in review or enrichment classes in the core academic areas of reading and math.  Grade 1-5 elective classes provide exploration experiences in drama, science and creative arts. Grades 1-8 technology courses offer new experiences with educational and entertainment software.

The high school program provides original and review credit courses for the diploma-bound student.  Additional courses prepare incoming freshmen for assessed high school courses, while mastery courses assist students needing to pass high school assessments.  Working in collaboration with all 12 Howard County high schools, the summer school program provides educational opportunities for increased academic rigor, such as G/T courses, while also having a platform for students looking to close gaps, improve grade point averages, and meet graduation requirements.  During the summer, we provide accommodations to students receiving special education services and run an ESOL program, accelerating the learning of our English Language Learners to help their growth and development as students.  The high school program operates like a family, where together everyone achieves more to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Every year we are located at two different high schools in the county. Each site houses specific subjects and course selections.  An innovative addition to our course offering is our group of hybrid online courses, which present learning experiences in cyberspace connected with meetings in a physical space.  It is our belief, that by creating an environment supportive of student success, we can continue to fulfill our goal of helping students meet graduation requirements while meeting their individual needs to become college and career ready.

Additional Information

For general information or questions regarding the Comprehensive Summer School program, please contact the Summer School office @410-313-6627, summer_school@hcpss.org

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