Data Driven Decision Making

Since the Fall of 2008 I have served as the instructor for the Data Driven Decision Making class within the graduate program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.  The information below should give you a flavor of the class:

The increasing impact of a knowledge economy and globalization has been a catalyst to the fields of knowledge management and organizational decision-making. This course is designed to introduce knowledge management concepts into an educational context and to provide an in depth focus on data-driven decision making in educational organizations and institutions. The models, tools, techniques, and theory of data-driven decision-making that can improve the quality of leadership decisions are examined through solution-based scenarios. Students investigate how decisions and strategies are developed and how tacit or explicit knowledge can be identified, captured, structured, valued and shared for effective use. Course topics include leadership and strategic management relative to organizational decision-making, power and politics, managerial and organizational structures, strategy formulation, organizational learning, and decision support systems. A related intent is to develop an understanding of data-mining metrics that can be used to make predictive models that support systemic change.

Course Topics


Introduction to Data Driven Decision-making
Knowledge Creation and Management
Data-Mining: Strategies, Techniques, Educational Implications
Survey Creation, Analysis and Performance Assessment|
States and School Reform: Using Data to Facilitate Change
Data Ethics
Using Data to Persuade: Captology
Leadership and Decision Making



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