Click on the links below to access Learning Smart Applications I advocate for and used with my former history classes..

 CalendaredmodoGoogle Drive
Calendar Google calendars for class, and school events powered by Google… they will even text you with updates.
Professional Learning Network An online space for communicating, connecting and collaborating on professional activities powered by Edmodo. It is Twitter or Facebook for education. Parents can even have a login to see what their students are working on.
Document Authoring An online repository of class documents, presentations and materials. More importantly, collaborative word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentations powered by Google – it’s a virtual learning and collaborating environment.
Games Tens of flash games, both multiple choice and definitions on countless World and US History topics
Grades Grades updated on a weekly basis so students and parents can keep track of progress.
Wiki The original “Smart” application. Collaborative webpages, with space for discussion… powered by a similar type of software as Wikipedia (Wikispaces).